Former Vocal Teacher
Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand

Nut joined found his love for music when he was only 12 years old and began entering himself into singing contests. Besides the contests, Nut has been singing professionally in various events since he was a child, in order to support his family and lighten their load. About 200 stages later, he took the entrance examination to study at Burapha university, graduating a few years later, with a major in Voice. Nut feels that songs, and music in general, have a spiritual value. They help heal people’s heart and mind. When he was a kid, Nut didn’t have money to learn singing in expensive music schools. That’s where he sees the value of music, the value of these kids who share the same dreams. He wants them to grow up following the music path, he wants them to get a job where they can provide for themselves and their family. That’s why he started teaching at Khlong Toey Music Program.