Tiemoko Salia Dagnon was born in 1974, in Golobiladji, Kita, into a griot family with a rich musical tradition. His early exposure to music stemmed from his griot parents. Following his graduation from fundamental school, Tiemoko Salia moved to Bamako, where he resided with his late, Baco Dagnon, a renowned Malian female singer.

His time in Bamako provided him with opportunities to collaborate with various talented Malian musicians, including Massaran Kouyaté, Saramba Kouyaté, Baco Dagnon, Babani Kouyaté, Ami Koita, and others. Tiemoko dedicated himself to nurturing young musicians in N’goni and vocal techniques at his home.

Subsequently, he became involved in the PFCF program at Éole de Musique de Kirina as a dedicated N’goni teacher.