Former Keyboard and Theory Teacher

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana

Frank is an Ewe man who has lived in Tamale for three years. In his youth, Frank started playing drums in the churches of the Ho area, and his fellow church members, seeing a musical passion in him, encouraged him to take up other instruments.

Picking up the trombone and keyboards, Frank later joined the Divine Vision Band. He then joined the Army, where he played with the Supreme Cannon Dance Band in the Volta Region. Around this time, Frank was introduced to the New Music Ghana Program, which blends Ghanaian traditional and Western popular music. Frank formed and led his own band, the Majestic Band, to participate in the project.

Frank soon moved to Tamale to work with the Youth Home Band, and started playing with the Savannah Echoes, led by the blind guitarist Prince Mahama. In early 2014, Frank began teaching at the Bizung School of Music and Dance.