The Playing For Change Foundation has now its own branch in Argentina with a fantastic team of people committed to bring positive change through music education across the country. In November 2015, the PFC band hit the road in Argentina and performed one of its most amazing shows, in Buenos Aires, in front of 8000 people. This concert was the result of the great work from our Argentinian team.

The program in Patagonia is currently carrying out musical and art workshops in 2 nearby locations: in Cinco Saltos, through an agreement with the local municipality, which provides facilities  in 4 peripheral neighbourhoods of the city and in General Roca, where music workshops for young disabled are being held every week. Over 100 young kids attend are now benefiting from this grass-root educational initiative. We have also started a partnership with the IUPA ( Instituto Universitario Patagónico de las Artes ) in order to reach more students in the area, as well as connexions with the PFC programs in Argentina and around the world. 

Dance, traditional music, hip hop, graphic arts, instruments making, Mapuche language, as well as English classes form a diverse curriculum coordinated by Jorge Amaolo, Gloria Ovejero and David Galdame.


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locally managed



David Galdame

Program Coordinator

Carla Pavez

Music teacher

Rodrigo Arin

Music teacher

Adolfo Fito Cid

Vocals & Bass teacher

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The other node of the PFCF work in Argentina is located in Diamante and coordinated by our friend Patrick Liotta.

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